Around Amma 2019 Europe 2019

Every time her embrace surprises us, comforts us, wraps us in her sweetness

each time Amma embraces us, we realize we have found the answer to our need for being welcomed, understood, and each and everyone is seen as a unique human being. Her embrace is a simple and complex gesture at the same time

Around Amma 2018 Europe 2018

Be steadfast in your commitment to the spiritual path

10-12 November, Malpensa Fiere, Busto Arsizio, Italy – Europe Yatra 2018 Amma’s program in the Milano region of Italy is always marked by a special enthusiasm. It is indeed to a sight to behold the way Amma is welcomed by the crowds as she enters the program hall. The Milano program was attended not only […]

Around Amma 2017 Europe 2017

Light of Compassion, glowes magically in Milano, Italy

13 – 15 Nov, Milano, Italy – Europe Yatra 2017 Though Amma’s programs were held on weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), the MalpensaFiere program hall in Busto Arsizio was overflowing with devotees and newcomers who wanted to experience a few moments in Amma’s arms. The hall also overflowed with a classic Italian enthusiasm – the room […]

Around Amma 2016 Europe 2016

Buon Appetito – Amma in Milano

11 – 13 Nov, Milano, Italy – Europe Yatra – 2016 Amma’s programs in Italy were held at a packed Malpensa Fiere in Busto Arsizio. The entrance of the venue was beautifully decorated with lights and festoons to show the joy in the hearts of the volunteers who were gathered to welcome Amma to Italy. […]

Around Amma 2014 Europe 2014

A word missing from Amma’s dictionary

8-10 Nov, Milano, Italy – Europe Yatra 2014 A huge group of volunteers waited for Amma to welcome her on her arrival in Malpensa Fiere in Milano, which was the venue for Amma’s programme in Italy from November 8 to 10. On arrival, Amma straight away went to the Dining hall to serve food to […]

Around Amma Europe 2007 Photos

Amma in Milano, Italy

Oct 26 -29 Milano, Italy – Europe Yatra 2007 Amma held four days program in Milno. Indian Ambassador for Italy; H.E. Mr. Rajiv Dogra, welcomed Amma to Italy. “The goodness of heart is the most important thing in life and in this respect I think Amma is unique, because by setting up all these hospitals […]