Around Amma 2021 Messages of Amma

Diwali – occasions for destroying the ego and awakening the awareness

How we serve god’s creation determines our true adoration and worship of god. When we show compassion towards the suffering, we are doing our duty to god.

Around Amma 2016

Money, Knowledge and Health needed for a proper living

8 Oct 2016 – Amritapuri Each time Amma leaves Amritapuri for a foreign tour, she holds a meeting with the ashram residents to give instructions on both spiritual and logistical matters. During the meeting on Saturday, Amma asked the children who live in the ashram if they keep a timetable. Amma explained that it is […]

Around Amma 2005

Elephants and innocence

4 August 2005, Amritapuri This evening, when Amma reached Her room after bhajans, Ram and Lakshmi, the ashram’s two young elephants, were waiting eagerly for Her. It had been more than two months since they last got prasad from Amma. Both were chained. Previously, only Ram used to be chained. But now, Lakshmi, who used […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2003

Ram and Lakshmi

11 December 2003, Amritapuri As bhajans ended this evening and Amma left the stage, there was a race of eager devotees to Amma’s house. Amma almost always feeds Ram at the base of Her steps after bhajans, and with this morning’s arrival of Lakshmi, tonight’s elephant feeding promised to be a double feature. Ram was […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2002 Free Marriages Orphanage

Lakshmi’s wedding

15 December 2002, Amritapuri A long time resident of Amma’s orphanage gets married “I had always been troubled by the fear that being born the child of a beggar woman, I would have to spend my life begging in the streets, or in still worse conditions… “As we slowly moved closer to Amma, my mind […]