Lakshmi’s wedding

15 December 2002, Amritapuri

A long time resident of Amma’s orphanage gets married
“I had always been troubled by the fear that being born the child of a beggar woman, I would have to spend my life begging in the streets, or in still worse conditions…


“As we slowly moved closer to Amma, my mind was throbbing. Would Amma give me a new life? Would She console this unwanted one, who was so hated by everybody? If Amma forsakes me, where will I go?

“As I reached Her lap, Amma whispered affectionately, with a sweetness of love I had never heard before: ‘My pearl… my darling daughter… do not worry… isn’t Amma with you?’ I burst into tears. I had been condemned by society’s callous judgement even before I could stand on my own; but now I wanted to shout again and again: “I am no longer an orphan, no longer a beggar!” – from Lakshmi’s story, Matruvani August 2001

Today was a very special day for Lakshmi, who grew up in Amma’s orphanage from the age of about 12 (born in poverty, she doesn’t know her exact age). Today, Lakshmi entered into wedlock at Amritapuri. The very same Amma who had taught her the alphabet when she first came to the orphanage performed the wedding ceremony. But first, Lakshmi spent time in Amma’s room, a daughter alone with her Mother on the morning of the big day. After the wedding, Amma received Lakshmi and her husband into Her lap.


Amma is also providing a new home for Lakshmi and her husband, Mr. Ambu, who works at AIMS. Not only that, She is giving them a good start with a savings account which will help them to be financially secure.

Who says she is an orphan?