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Karthika lamps

11 Dec 2008, Amritapuri Today is Karthika. The path to the stage from Amma’s room was lit with oil lamps. Watch photos here.


Kartika puja for the New Year

3 January 2004 — Amritapuri After bhajans ended this evening and Amma returned to Her room, many made their way to the kalari for the monthly Karthika Puja. In addition to the annual birthday observed in the West, which is based on the sun’s position, a monthly birthday is also traditionally observed in India that […]

Around Amma 2001 Birthday Karthika

Kartika Puja

6 October, 2001 According to the Hindu calendar, Amma was born in the month of Kanni under the Kartika star. This year, this day fell on the 6th October. That evening, while Amma gave darshan in the auditorium, the Kartika puja was held in the Kalari as it is every month under the Kartika star. […]

Ashram Life

Trikarthika Puja

Once a month, a special two-hour puja is performed in the original little temple at the ashram, in honour of Karthika, the day of Mother’s birth star. This month, on the auspicious day, the ashram was decorated more beautifully than ever. Throughout the grounds hundreds of oil lamps were lit and garlands were hung; the […]

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Kali puja on Karthika

26 July 2000, Amritapuri On Wednesday 26 July, Amma’s Birthstar (Karthika) was celebrated with a Kali puja in the Kalari. The entire ashram had been decorated with garlands and lamps, and the Kalari itself was graced with traditional motifs (mandalas) and more lamps and garlands. The highlight of the ritual occurred during the singing of […]