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  • A Hug from Amma I will never forget it

    A Hug from Amma I will never forget it

    7-8 March, Mysore, Karnataka – Bharata Yatra 2015 From the Tanur programme, Amma drove straight to Mysore in Karnataka. A big crowd, mostly students of Amrita University, Mysore, welcomed Amma. Amma led a meditation, sang bhajans and served prasad to the crowd of students and devotees. Amma was given Holi colors and she continued playing…

  • Amma in Bengaluru

    Amma in Bengaluru

    In spite of the programs being held on working days, thousands came for Amma’s darshan

  • Was Dhareshwar calling Amma?

    Was Dhareshwar calling Amma?

    14 February 2006 — Dhareshwar Beach, Karnataka From the limited perspective of man, the actions of an Enlightened One are both unpredictable and unfathomable. One minute they may seem to follow logic. The next, they may behave as if mad. Sometimes they seem to act out of habit, and then out of the blue they…

  • This is Amma’s age

    This is Amma’s age

    Bharata Yatra 200419 February 2004 — Bangalore, Karnataka The first of three days and nights that Amma is giving bhajan, satsang and darshan at Her Bangalore Ashram were brought to a start on Thursday in the presence of the Honourable former Chief Justice of India, Padma Vibhushan Shri. M.N. Venkatachalaiah; the Honourable Standing Justice Shri.…