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  • Durga Blesses Kolkata

    Durga Blesses Kolkata

    18 – 21 March 2008 — Kolkata, West Bengal Sri Durga Ma—clothed in red, each of her eight hands clutching a weapon—bore witness to Amma’s first Brahmasthanam Festival in her Calcutta ashram. For all three days of the program, the large Durga murti graced the dais where Amma sang bhajans, gave satsang, led meditation and…

  • Mangalore Brahmasthanam Consecrated

    Mangalore Brahmasthanam Consecrated

    18 February, Bharata Yatra 2008, Mangalore Amma consecrated the 19th Brahmasthanam Temple in Boloor, Mangalore. In the auspicious muhurta of Punarvasu Nakshatra occurring between 11.48 am and 1.48 pm, Amma first installed the Kalasha atop the Brahmasthanam and then the Murthi inside the sanctum sanctorum. The rituals began at 11.48 with installation of Kalasha. There…

  • Installing god in the temple & in the heart

    Installing god in the temple & in the heart

    10 April 2005 — Trissur, Kerala In the pre-dawn morning, admist the chanting of the devotees, the explosions of fireworks, and the joyous hue and cry of the panchavadyam, Amma installed her 18th Brahmasthanam murti—this one in Trissur, Kerala. Watch video: The murthi is being brought to the temple Amma installing the murthi

  • Brahmasthanam Installation – Covai

    Brahmasthanam Installation – Covai

    2 May  2001, Covai, Tamil Nadu Between the hours of eleven in the morning and one in the afternoon on Wednesday, the 2nd of May, 2001, Amma consecrated a new Brahmasthanam temple at the new ashram in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the southern state neighbouring Her home state of Kerala. At Mananthavadi just over two months…

  • Mananthavady – Stupika Installation

    26th February 2001 The Stuptika Pratishtapana ceremony was performed at the Brahmasthanam temple, Mananthavady by Amma on 26 Feb. 2001, a day before She was to consecrate the idol. The highest point of the temple structure, received a sacred Stupika (a pointed metallic apex vessel). The architecture of religious buildings is symbolic. At the lower…