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  • No rust for our Guru

    No rust for our Guru

    It is better to get worn out rather than rust away. This is what Amma desires

  • Amma, Healing the Heart of the World

    An American devotee, Judith Cornell, has written a biography of Amma for mainstream publication throughout the world. In addition, Judith will be on a very highly rated and very highly watched TV news/talk show in the US called “The Today Show” on 10 July, to talk about the book and Mother. ‘Amma, Healing the Heart…

  • Incredible Hugging Saint from India

    5 – 7 November 2000, Barcelona Bidding au revoir to France, the tour moved on to Barcelona, Spain. Spain has become known for its large, enthusiastic crowds. There was a lot of media coverage throughout the tour, but it was especially impressive how many reporters came to see Amma in Barcelona. Local and national newspapers,…