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  • Open your hearts

    Open your hearts

    If we just open our hearts, we will experience the fresh air of grace.

  • Amma hoisted National flag

    Amma hoisted National flag

    15 Aug 2018, Amritapuri Amma hoisted the National flag, celebrating India’s 72nd Independence day at Amritapuri. As Amma unfurled the tricolour flag,  the military force did a ceremonial salute. Amma stood in the rain while saluting the flag, praying during the National Anthem.  Many people and children could be seen standing with tri-colour flags and…

  • True Freedom is to remain our True Self

    True Freedom is to remain our True Self

    15 August 2008 — Amritapuri In celebration of the 61st anniversary of India’s freedom, the students of Amrita University (Amritapuri campus) put on a series of dramas and dances inspired by India’s culture, history and current events. In the centre of the hall was a huge map of the Indian subcontinent outlined with the fires…

  • India is not just a piece of land, It is the Mother

    Independence day was celebrated in Amritapuri with Amma on 15 August 2004 Students of Amrita University (Amritapuri campus) celebrate India’s 57th Independence Day at the Ashram, paying their tribute and respect to this great land of Bharat. Lamps were lit along India’s border and flowers marked Her seven sacred rivers. The students danced, sang patriotic…

  • Amma in Russia

    Amma in Russia

    Amma inspired the people to take a more cheerful and positive attitude and be more kind.