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Hope for the Drowning

India’s Farmer Suicide Problem and Amma’s Solutions 25 February, Bharata Yatra 2008 — Ahamed Nagar, Maharashtra, a roadside stop between Pune and Mumbai It was only after Amma’s program in Vidarbha that some of the Western devotees travelling with Amma learned the full extent of the region’s suicide epidemic. Figures that baffle the mind: farmers […]

Community Out Reach

101 Self Help Groups Given Capital

Part of Ashram’s Fight Against Farmer Suicide5 February 2008 — Amritapuri Working capital was distributed to 101 women’s self-help groups as part of the Ashram’s Amrita Self-Reliance Employment & Empowerment Program (Amrita SREE). Amrita SREE is part of the Ashram’s multi-pronged effort to fight suicide amongst farmers in India. The capital was distributed by Opposition […]


Employment & Medical counselling

1 February 2005 The Ashram gave Mukundan Vatakke Attathu of Azhikkal a hand-pedelled tricycle. Mukundan lost everything in the tsunami. His leg was amputated before. His son, who is suffering from multiple fractures, is being treated at AIMS. Amma met with young men and women, and their parents, who are interested in the Ashram’s paramedical […]