Employment & Medical counselling

1 February 2005

The Ashram gave Mukundan Vatakke Attathu of Azhikkal a hand-pedelled tricycle. Mukundan lost everything in the tsunami. His leg was amputated before. His son, who is suffering from multiple fractures, is being treated at AIMS.

Amma met with young men and women, and their parents, who are interested in the Ashram’s paramedical training programme. They will be given free tuition, room, board and uniform, as well as a 500-rupee stipend.

The Ashram has added another 15 sewing machines to its tailoring programme in Srayikkad, where women are learning to stitch clothes.

The Ashram has received 500 applications already for the 100 spaces it has in its free driver-training programme at ITC.

Ashram has begun transporting children living at the shelters on the mainland to their school in Alappad Panchayat. Ashram is also preparing and transporting lunch for 15 teenagers who are living at the Srayikkad shelters but attending school at an industrial training centre on the mainland.

From 2nd February onwards, a team of five doctors, 20 medical students and volunteers will regularly discuss with villagers of Alappad Panchayat various health issues, including the dangers of alcohol abuse. The discussions are part of AIMS’ community medicine programme, headed by Dr. Lohidas.