Around Amma 2023 Education

Mentally challenged students redefine the essence of education and living

Beyond the talents displayed, what stood out most was the evident love and care the students had for each other. Their bond was a testament to the nurturing environment provided by their school and teachers.

Around Amma 2022 Messages of Amma

Devi manifests as knowledge, love and all virtues

This entire universe is but a play of that cosmic power. Hence, we should see the Mother of the Universe in everything and love and serve everyone equally, without prejudice.

Around Amma 2021 Education Messages of Amma

Remodel our education system with the vision of Bharat

Education should spread light within and without, instil awareness and strengthen the deep bond between the student and his nation, the world, his fellow human beings and other creatures, Nature and God.


From the Internet to the Inner-Net-

We live in the age of the Internet. Wherever we go on the planet, we need to have the Internet. But, along with a connection to the Internet, we also need to rediscover our ‘Inner-net’ connection. Spirituality teaches us how to manage both our internal and external worlds.  Day by day, science and technology are […]

International Forum Messages of Amma University

University students need to understand the pulse of Indian villages

All universities should send their students to impoverished rural villages or city slums for at least one or two months during their education. They would be able to see directly the issues and problems that the poor face.


Learn Sanskrit for understanding the true import of Vedanta

13 Dec 2019, Amritapuri Ashram – from Amma’s Satsang There are two types of education; one for living and one for life. To live life beneficially is what spirituality is all about. One should live beneficially both for society and for oneself. That’s what spirituality is in its essence. The shastras explain this to us […]


Knowledge is within; Education must transform you

Interview by Shalini Saksena of ‘The Pioneer’, the English Daily, on why spiritual organisations must run schools and universities to educate young generations. What is the connection between spirituality and Education? ǟʍʍǟ: True Education takes place only when it goes hand in hand with spiritual knowledge. Otherwise, education will be reduced to a mere collecting […]

Education Satsang

Today’s education can’t ensure mental peace

Children, in the olden days in our country, awareness of the spiritual principles was considered the most important aspect of life. However, today, material knowledge has superseded spirituality in importance. There is no point in trying to turn back the clock. Such efforts will only result in disappointment. What’s important now is to learn how […]

Around Amma 2019 Messages of Amma

Knowledge and values are inseparable

Amma’s acceptance speech after University of Mysore Conferred with D.Litt. Honoris Causa 23rd March 2019 — Amritapuri Ashram Through this honour you have bestowed, I see the interest that the University of Mysore has in upholding its alignment with the ideal of manava seva madhava seva— “Service to humankind is service to God.” The Math […]


Amrita University ranked among the top 200 universities in BRICS

Amrita University has been ranked among the top 200 universities in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries by reputed international ranking organization QS (Quacquarelli Symonds). Amrita is ranked ahead of many well known established universities. QS has been bringing out the World University Rankings, which is regarded as one of the most influential […]