Learn Sanskrit for understanding the true import of Vedanta

13 Dec 2019, Amritapuri Ashram – from Amma’s Satsang

There are two types of education; one for living and one for life. To live life beneficially is what spirituality is all about. One should live beneficially both for society and for oneself. That’s what spirituality is in its essence. The shastras explain this to us clearly yet many people without knowing Sanskrit misinterpret their teachings.

The English that is used in America, Australia and the UK are all slightly different. If someone wants to study medicine without knowing English in an English speaking country it would naturally be very difficult as the textbooks are in English. In the same way, Vedanta is originally in Sanskrit. A sincere seeker should put in the effort to learn it.

Amma advises her Brahmacharis to learn Sanskrit and understand the nature of the world without wasting any time. If one is truly interested one should learn Sanskrit as otherwise understanding the true import of Vedanta is not so easy. In order to study the Gita and Upanishads, it is very beneficial to understand Sanskrit.

Eating, sleeping, taking a bath are all karma or action and thus you cannot stay away from the action. Instead, think of what you can do as an offering to the world.

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