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  • Amma in Durgapur

    Amma in Durgapur

    Just before Amma got up from her seat, she sang some bhajans leaving the excited crowd almost dancing on their feet.

  • “Only My Mind is Different”

    “Only My Mind is Different”

    Friday, 26 March — Durgapur, West Bengal — Bharata Yatra 2004 The program in Durgapur ended not long after sunrise. Soon the buses were all loaded and everyone was ready to go on to Kolkata. Ever since darshan had ended, a group of about 100 devotees were waiting around Amma’s car, hoping to see Her…

  • House visit in Durgapur

    House visit in Durgapur

    Friday, 26 March 2004 —Durgapur, West Bengal – Bharata Yatra Driving out of Durgapur, Amma made two “house calls”—a slow drive-by of the new Durgapur Amritakuteeram housing colony currently under construction, and a long walk through the first one, which has been home to 108 families for one year now. As Amma moved around the…

  • Amma in Durgapur

    Bharata Yatra 2004 25 March 2004 — Durgapur, West Bengal After a long drive from Varanasi, Amma and Her children reached Durgapur, West Bengal just after sunrise on the morning of March 25th. The program was held at the industrial city’s Amrita Vidyalayam School, which has been in operation for just under a year now.…

  • Housing Colony in Durgapur, West Bengal

    The first time in history that a minister from a communist party shared a stage with Amma in West Bengal