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  • Amma in Paris

    Amma in Paris

    16-18 November 2007 Amma held three days of programmes in Paris. The Indian Ambassador to France, H.E. Mr. Ranjan Mathai, as well as the Mauritius Ambassador to France, H.E. Ms. Indira Thacoor-Sidaya both came to receive Amma’s blessings. Marc Vella, a famous French piano player, performed on stage for Amma.

  • Amma in Manheim, Germany

    Amma in Manheim, Germany

    9 -11 November 2007, Manheim, Germany – Europe Yatra 2007 When Amma arrived, she was greeted by devotees waving sparklers in celebration of Diwali – the Festival of Lights. During the program, a young artist played the harp. Several delegates and diplomats came to receive Amma’s blessings. A local group played a mix Indian Classical…

  • Amma in Barcelona, Spain

    Amma in Barcelona, Spain

    5 -7 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain — Europe yatra 2007 Local devotees welcomed Amma with a cake – marking the tenth anniversary of Amma’s visit to their city. World-renowned cello player Lluis Claret and his family performed for Amma. After receiving darshan he commented, ‘I felt immediately a great great inside peace and serenity. That’s…

  • Amma in Milano, Italy

    Amma in Milano, Italy

    Oct 26 -29 Milano, Italy – Europe Yatra 2007 Amma held four days program in Milno. Indian Ambassador for Italy; H.E. Mr. Rajiv Dogra, welcomed Amma to Italy. “The goodness of heart is the most important thing in life and in this respect I think Amma is unique, because by setting up all these hospitals…

  • Meals on wheels

    13 October 2007 — ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Nederland “We used to have just a couple of gas burners, a few pots and pans and then go cook somewhere behind the building—often in the dark without any lights,” laughs Paul Sharma, reminiscing of the days when he and Lavan Jain first began cooking for Amma’s Europe Tour programs.…

  • Amma in Switzerland

    Amma in Switzerland

    Oct 17 -19 Switzerland, Europe Yatra 2007 Travelling from Holland, Amma arrived in Winterthur, Switzerland for three days of programmes on October 17, 18, 19. Winterthur is close to the capital city of Zurich. Many people came to the programmes, some expressing their emotions of joy or sadness. One woman happily commented, “For me it is a…

  • Amma in Holland

    Amma in Holland

    13 – 15 October 2007, s’ Hertogenbosch, Holland From Paris, Amma travelled to ‘s Hertogenbosh, in Holland for three days of programmes on October 13, 14, 15. The newly custom built ‘Meals On Wheels’ travelling Kitchen was inaugurated here {news}, and will serve as a the main kitchen throughout most of the European Tour. Many…