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Brahmasthanam temple – Kalasha Sthapana

Stupika installation Thousands of devotees converge to witness the dedication of a new Brahmasthanam temple. As dawn breaks, Amma walks up a ramp to the temple’s peak, where a temporary platform has been erected. She is accompanied by a small group of pujaris and sannyasis who will assist Her during the Kalasha Stapana. The Stapana […]

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And, She closed her eyes…

26 February 2001, reaching Mananthavadi Ashram It was shortly after seven in the evening; the sun had just set-or had it just risen on the little mountain town of Mananthavadi? Perhaps it had risen, to judge by the shine in the eyes of the thousands who had gathered on the grounds of the new Amrita […]

Around Amma 2001 Brahmasthanam Temples

Mananthavady – Stupika Installation

26th February 2001 The Stuptika Pratishtapana ceremony was performed at the Brahmasthanam temple, Mananthavady by Amma on 26 Feb. 2001, a day before She was to consecrate the idol. The highest point of the temple structure, received a sacred Stupika (a pointed metallic apex vessel). The architecture of religious buildings is symbolic. At the lower […]