Around Amma 2023 International Forum

Bharat is the land that has taught the world the ultimate truth

Amma graced the World Hindu Congress with her presence. The quadrennial event, brings together over 2400 delegates from more than 60 countries.

Around Amma 2023 Education

Mentally challenged students redefine the essence of education and living

Beyond the talents displayed, what stood out most was the evident love and care the students had for each other. Their bond was a testament to the nurturing environment provided by their school and teachers.

Around Amma 2023 Festivals Satsang

Embracing the Inner Light

Once that inner light ignites, even the hearing impaired can hear, the vision impaired can see. With this external lamp, you need to bring that light within.


Historic and unique Gita Jnana Yajna concludes

One-year-long Bhagavad Gita Jnana Yaga (700 speakers in 10 languages, from 25 countries, age 8-84, 31 Sannyasis, 311 Brahmacharis, 160 Internationals, 32 kids) concluded