Month: January 2009

  • Amma in Tiruvananthapuram ’09

    29 Jan, Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2009

  • Amma in Madurai

    24 Jan, Madurai, Bharata Yatra 2009. Photos from the public programme at the Medical college grounds, Madurai

  • Amma in Chennai

    21 – 22 Jan, Bharata Yatra 2009, Chennai Photos of Chennai Brahmasthanam festival

  • Amma in Neyveli

    19 Jan, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, Bharata Yatra 2009 Amma’s programme in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu photos

  • Amma and the Bhavani river

    18 Jan, Enroute  Kovai to Neyveli, Bharata Yatra 2009 Amma’s caravan stopped at the Bhavani River. Had satsang and bhajans with Amma.  Amma rowed in the Bhavani River for some time.  watch photos here

  • Photos: Kovai Brahmasthanam festival

    15 -17 Jan, Bharata Yatra 2009, Enroute to Kovai & Brahmasthanam festival. Photos from  Amma’s visit to  Amrita University,  meditation, satsang & bhajans by the swimming pool,  Kovai Brahmasthanam festival and celebration photos.

  • Photos from Kodungallur

    13 – 14 Jan, Bharata Yatra 2009, Kodungallur Amma’s visit & Brahmasthanam temple festival photos

  • Harvest Festival

    Harvest Festival

    10 Jan 2009, Amritapuri The ashram recently purchased some land at Thodiyoor – about 30 km away from Amritapuri. Amma had advised to start agriculture there. A few days ago, after the harvest, the first bundles of cut stalk from the fields were brought to Amritapuri. The last couple of days have seen a continuous…

  • Students raise money for charity

    12 January 2009 — Amritapuri Inspired by Amma’s message of ‘love and serve’, the students of Amrita University have been dedicating time to raise money for the poor. Under the leadership of Muhammad Ashik (ME), Balu Menon (CS), Nirmal (BBM), Bimal (BSc) and many others, they raised Rs. 24,000 by selling North Indian snacks, painting…

  • First week of January photos

    First week of January 2009. Photos of peace puja, tsunami twins, eagle, arati, Amma threshing the stalks, meditaion at the beach, preparing for the tour etc.