Around Amma 2021 Messages of Amma Self Help Groups

AmritaSREE enters 17th year; ₹85 crore financial aid for COVID-19 relief

Take up the reins of your life firmly in your own hands and move forward. This is the role model we should follow. Even though those people did not have much, they had the attitude to contribute

Health Care

Amrita Hospital joins hands with Government to begin COVID-19 vaccinations

The District of Ernakulam, Kerala, and Amrita Hospital have formed a unique Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to vaccinate health care workers.

1Featured Around Amma 2022 International Forum

Amma to chair C20 of G20 summit

The C20 is its platform for civil society organizations to bring forth non-government and non-business voices to the G20 leaders.

Around Amma 2022 Birthday

Let us all become the change we desire in the world

Children, may your eyes melt with compassion. May your heads bow low with humility. May your hands be immersed in serving others. May your feet tread the path of dharma.


The Power in You(th)

Something that gives you the capacity to have the right thought, to say the right word, and to do the right thing at the right time. That is power,”

Health Care Medical Camps

Amrita Hospitals to open India’s largest private medical institution

The institution will have 534 critical care beds, the highest number in India. There will also be 64 modular operation theaters, the most advanced imaging services, a fully-automated robotic laboratory, high-precision radiation oncology, the most updated nuclear medicine etc

Around Amma 2020 Birthday Messages of Amma

Karuna-virus can conquer the coronavirus

The fragrance of goodness travels equally in all directions.

Messages of Amma

Wake up and move forward with caution

Never forget the lessons that Nature has taught us during these times

Disaster Relief

Amma donates ₹13 crores to help Corona-affected

to help combat and contain COVID-19 as well as to provide relief to those physically, mentally and economically affected


Corona: Nature’s loud alarm

The selfish things man has done to Nature are now coming back in the form of such epidemics