Amrita Hospital, a Temple of Compassion

Excerpts from Swami Amritaswarupananda’s welcome speech during the inaugural function of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences.

It is a blessed occasion of fulfilment for all of us who are gathered here. For hundreds of devotees and disciples, who with selfless love have dedicated their time and effort at the Lotus Feet of Amma, this is a moment of supreme satisfaction. Over 5,000 destitute people are gathered among us here today, overjoyed at the prospect of starting a fresh phase of life in the new houses that have been provided for them by Amma (through the Amrita Kuteeram housing scheme). And today many hearts are blossoming with new hope and trust at the sight of this magnificent multi-super-specialty hospital, with its highly advanced medial equipment and a team of experts from all over the world, waiting to serve the poorest of the poor with love and compassion.

This miracle has been accomplished through the combined efforts of many people who were inexperienced and not professionals in the true sense of the word. But when Amma’s blessings flowed through the pure hearts and hands of these ordinary people, something extraordinary was created.

When reflecting on Amma’s humanitarian projects and activities, we should also be aware of the subtle yet powerful changes that Amma brings about in the hearts of people. Amma not only provides food and shelter to those in need, but also gives them the strength to stand on their own feet, to be free and self-reliant. They develop a sense of meaning and purpose of life, and they also feel the protection of divine grace in every area of their lives.

Not only is Amma instilling faith in Her children, but She is healing the entire planet through Her infinite love. Amma is teaching us to communicate with one another in a new language of selfless love and compassion, which cuts across all national and religious barriers.

There are many great musicians who are able to bring forth wonderful music from a violin or flute. But Amma’s transforming love can bring forth divine music from the hardened hearts of those living in today’s materialistic and selfish world.

Amma has laid the foundation for a new society in which a dedicated group of young men and women, who, content with the barest minimum of material necessities, have found contentment by joyously working day and night to bring hope and relief to those in need.

Today, our beloved Prime Minister, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, {news} is dedicating this hospital, which is consecrated by Amma, to the public. More than a hospital, it will surely be a temple of compassion.

May my words, along with your aspirations be fragrant flowers offered at the Lotus Feet of Amma.