Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique

24 Aug 2003, Amritapuri

The first IAM Technique® meditation course for Ammas western  devotees here at Amritapuri has just been completed, and a batch  of about 50 new initiates have now received the precious gift of  Ammas unique meditation instructions. For those that were  fortunate enough to be initiated earlier this year, refresher courses  are currently being conducted throughout the world, with more being  planned on a continuing basis. This meditation technique, born out  of Ammas divine intuition, is a powerful new spiritual tool  being offered to the world, which promises
to lead seekers to a  deeper experience of peace and bliss. Heres what a few of the newest students had to say about
their experience:

“There is nothing more valuable than the guidance of ones Guru, and Ammas blessings are undeniably present and palpable with this meditation. Nowadays, its rare to find something this valuable being offered free of any charge. I bow in gratitude and pray to Amma that I never miss a single days practice.”

–Sucetas mon

“Ive been enjoying meditation for many years, and have been eagerly waiting for Ammas technique. Now that I
have received it, the grace I experience from it is empowering, centering and gives me a renewed inspiration. I look forward to practicing it regularly, and I feel it is truly a compassionate gift for all in these difficult times.” –Achyut
“For quite some time, Ive longed for a more structured spiritual practice from Amma, something to focus on exclusively. We can learn only bits and pieces about sadhana from books, but this meditation technique comes directly from Amma, as Her grace. Its a gift and an inspiring boost to go deeper into my spiritual practice.”


“Im 60 years old, and I had never meditated before. I can honestly say that I hated sitting for meditation, and I always
felt guilty about it. But, this is the most stabilizing and centering experience Ive ever had, and its surprisingly easy!
I actually want to do it in the morning! And if I can do it, anyone can.”

–Valsalan Lorenz

There is a great need for such practices in this day and age. This world, which we all share as a single human family, currently lacks genuine peace or any real sense of love and connectedness. This has to change, and the more of us that are actively seeking new avenues of spiritual growth, the better off everyone will be. Like all spiritual practices, meditation has one ultimate purpose: to lead us to permanent spiritual experience. This experience lies within us, in the form of wisdom, peace, bliss and love. Who among us doesnt pray for these blessings, both for ourselves and
this earth, our home? For those who want to reach this goal, Amma has provided this gift.May its fragrance spread throughout the world.

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