Krishna Jayanti celebrations at Amritapuri

September 14-15, 2006 — Amritapuri

Amma, the ashram residents and a couple thousand visiting devotees celebrated the birth of Sri Krishna all day today. The celebrations began in the morning with a go-puja, then continued with a village procession of little Krishnas, gopis and gopas. Next the children played uriyadi, the traditional pot-breaking game, as Amma watched and threw water balloons at devotees. A little before 11 pm, Amma came to the bhajan hall. The evening celebration began with Amma giving a short talk about the message of Sri Krishna, then the story of Krishna’s birth from the Malayalam Srimad Bhagavatam was sung, culminating at the midnight hour. Amma then sang Krishna bhajans, including “Agatanayi Agatanayi Krishna Devan” and “Govida Gokula Ayo.” The evening concluded with Amma dancing and distributing hot payasam to one and all.

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