An offering to Mother Earth

October 3, 2023 – Amritavarsham 70 celebrations, Amritapuri

As devotees from 70 countries converged in Amritapuri to pay tribute to Amma on the auspicious occasion of Amritavarsham 70, they offered soil from their respective motherlands – coming together to demonstrate their gratitude to Mother Earth and their devotion to Amma – Jagadamba, the mother of the world.

This diverse gathering saw participation from devotees representing all 28 states of India, as well as 69 other countries – a testament to the inclusivity and global reach of Amma’s teachings.

The amalgamation of these sacred soils was a poignant symbol of unity, signifying the eternal bond between humanity and nature. Amma herself planted a sandalwood sapling in the mixture. Dignitaries on the stage were then invited to water it. The sapling, nurtured by the combined love and devotion of devotees from around the world, is set to flourish here in Amritapuri.