Actions without attachments

The Gita is a call for the security of the society and the spiritual realization of the individual. It teaches the path to reach out to people from every plane of life and uplift them by meeting them at their level. As the lord of the gopis, as the ruler of Dwaraka, as the messenger of the Pandavas, as the charioteer of Arjuna, Lord Krishna played numerous roles. The lord was able to enjoy life with equanimity, make himself useful to society and, at the same time, remain completely detached. It was because he performed actions without attachment that his life and actions attracted everyone as Krishna leela. The word leela means “play,” “an entertainment.” 

Those who are attached to their actions will not be able to savour the joy of their actions. But when actions are done without attachment, one can enjoy those actions completely.  At the same time, this type of action will not bind us. When we expect something from our actions and don’t get it, it leads to sorrow. When we are detached from the fruits, we are able to enjoy the action much more.

We should love everyone. But we should not have too many expectations, as they may not be met. For example, we may sow seeds at the right time. We may dig bore-wells and make sure that the crops get enough water. We may put fertilizer as well. But the results are not in our hands. It might rain heavily and destroy the crop or anything can happen.

It is not wrong to have desires like wanting to make money, or to study, or to get a good job. We can put forth our best effort in our studies, attend job interviews, etc. But whether or not we succeed in the interview is not in our hands. If we were unsuccessful, we should try again. There are people who decide to commit suicide over small failures in life. 

We should gain inspiration from Krishna’s life. He kept going despite having to face so many challenges. Let us maintain friendships with good people who can inspire us. 

When a mother holds the hand of her child and walk, the child is very secure. The child does not get scared of anything at all. He is not afraid whether anyone would abduct him away. He knows that his mother will protect him from everything. This same kind of security we get as we surrender ourselves to a Sadguru. 

If a diamond is lying in excreta, one would take it. Why do we take it, even from excreta? It is because of its value. Spirituality is certainly of the highest value. We need it indispensably in our lives. Spiritual knowledge is indeed, an invaluable Gem. An imperishable Gem!