If we all become fireflies, it becomes a great light

4-5 Feb, Kozhikode, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2020

Amma was in Kozhikode for a two-day Brahmasthanam Festival. Her arrival was greeted by devotees chanting, “Amma! Amma! Amma!” Amma distributed prasad to everyone who had gathered.

Well known Malayalam writer P. Vatsala, and renowned cinema director Ali Akbar were among the distinguished dignitaries attending the programs. P Vatsala commented, ‘When I see Amma, I remember the great services she performs. She is coming here every year to glorify the attitude of service one needs to do. There will not be peace and tranquility in the world unless people like Amma do service continuously. For this, may Amma live long to bless the world. With her pure life, she will live in the hearts of people forever.”

Amma hugging an old lady
An elderly lady presenting a gift to Amma upon her arrival

Ali Akbar also spoke of Amma, “I feel it is great luck to be here. If you ask who is Amma, I will say that Amma is the Staanam (seat) of Brahman. Creation, sustenance, destruction, are all happening from her. We need to erase the ego, remove the gunas of rajas and tamas, and receive the knowledge that is immortal, the knowledge that is Amritam. For this, people are coming to the feet of Amma. She has nothing else to give. She wants to spread this knowledge. Each one of us, when we receive this knowledge, we become a small firefly. If we all become fireflies, it becomes a great light. It is not enough that we receive it. We also have to spread it and share with others. May Amma bless us all.”

Amma addressed the gathered crowd with her Satsang. “Parents need to cultivate awareness on dharma to their children from a very young age.” Amma added that many parents today just put a smartphone in their child’s hand as soon as it starts crying. This may momentarily help stop the child’s tantrum. But if the parents fail to cultivate spiritual values in the child as well, it may end up spending its entire life in tears. It is spiritual values, Amma explained, that give children the strength to face and overcome all sorrows and hardships in life.

organic farming promotion
Promoting organic farming in the kitchen garden

Amma distributed cloth bags to AYUDH members, fed 18 babies their first solid food, and gave a poor woman the key to her new house that had been built for her by local devotees. Amma also gave vegetable saplings to devotees to plant in their gardens, promoting organic farming.

While Amma gave darshan, various cultural performances were presented by students from Amma’s Vidyalayam school and local devotees.

Darshan finished at 3:03 am the next day. Amma then departed for Thiruvanathapuram for the last stop on this portion of her 2020 Bharata Yatra.