How to protect oneself from black magic?

24 Dec 2019 – Amritapuri Ashram – from Amma’s Satsang

During the question-answer session, one person asked Amma – “Nowadays there are a lot of negative thoughts, emotions and black magic around. How to protect ourselves from all these negativities?”

Amma: “In the olden days both Asuras (demons) and Devas (demi-gods) were doing tapas. But this is not the case in the present day. We have people who have the mentality of asuras but they do not perform any tapas. Amma does not believe in all these alleged cases of so-called black magic.

“Spiritual life is equal to putting on a coat of armour or a bulletproof jacket. Nothing in the world can affect you if you are a spiritual aspirant. God is undivided consciousness present everywhere.

“The sun remains still in the centre, while all the other planets revolve around it without affecting it in any way. In the same way, once we realise ‘उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत uttisthata jagrata…‘, that we are the self-effulgent sun, we will remain unaffected by anything external. We should realise we are not a candle to be lit by somebody but that we are the self-luminous eternal sun itself. We are not a kitten saying ‘miaow miaow‘ but we should roar like a lion.

“People with a weak mind may say that they have seen ghosts. Most of the time these individuals suffer from some form of depression and have hallucinations as a result. Once someone came for Amma’s darshan with three tokens when there were only two people. When asked why she had three tokens she said that ‘it is for the ghost accompanying’ them. Amma doesn’t believe in all these bhutas and pretas – ghosts and spirits. People who suffer from depression and see such things should take medication. In the olden days, the mantravadis (black magicians) would do tapas, but in this day and age, this is not the case. Amma does not believe that the five letters (mantras they utter) can inflict harm on anyone, as there is no power behind them. We receive the result of our own actions and have to take responsibility for the same without complaining about God. By constant Satsang, we should awaken our Self.

“If you have desires there will be sorrow, if there is smoke there is fire. If there is sukha (joy) there will be dukha (sorrow). If there is night, there will be a day. This is the nature of the world; one should have equanimity of mind to accept it. Like a pendulum swings from one end to the other, so do the worldly experiences swing between extremes. Our mind should remain poised in the middle. One should have the ability to accept things with equanimity.

“See what you can give to the world instead of thinking about what you can take from it. To receive the grace of God good actions are needed. “

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