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  • How to protect oneself from black magic?

    How to protect oneself from black magic?

    24 Dec 2019 – Amritapuri Ashram – from Amma’s Satsang During the question-answer session, one person asked Amma – “Nowadays there are a lot of negative thoughts, emotions and black magic around. How to protect ourselves from all these negativities?” Amma: “In the olden days both Asuras (demons) and Devas (demi-gods) were doing tapas. But…

  • What is the principle behind Puja?

    What is the principle behind Puja?

    The law of karma says that the sorrows of life are the results of our own sins, committed in the past, in this life or in previous lives. There are certain periods in life when we have to suffer from the results of our sins, when, whatever we do, we may not meet with success.…

  • Time loss is a loss forever

    Amma on the practicality of spiritual practices

  • On Guru: Amma says

    On Guru: Amma says

    “Satsang and spiritual books have the power to turn our minds towards good thoughts. That alone, however, will not enable us to go forward with steady steps. Ordinary physicians will examine the patient and prescribe medicines. But if an operation is required, one has to see a surgeon. Likewise, to rid our minds of all…