What is the meaning of the mantra one receives from the Guru?

13 Dec 2019, Friday , Amritapuri Ashram – from Amma’s Satsang

One should receive a Bijakshara1 mantra from the Guru. It is like adding the curd starter to milk so that it will turn into more good curd. With this method, one can get out of Samsara2 because the Guru is pure energy. Even though there are various temperatures of water, say 40 or 60 or 80 degrees, they may still contain germs. But once the water reaches 100 degrees temperature all the germs will die and the water becomes purified. Similarly, the Guru is pure energy and when he gives us a mantra he is transferring that energy to us. 

The Guru knows exactly what we need. A small baby cannot be served meat as it will not be able to digest it, so the mother will feed the baby gently with milk. The Guru knows what we need and gives accordingly. If you go to a doctor saying you have stomach pain, the reasons for the condition can be many things, for example, gastritis, ulcer, hernia, cancer, indigestion, or stress. The doctor will know what is the cause of the discomfort and dispense medicine accordingly. Similarly when we get a mantra, especially one with a Bijakshara that carries the Gurus pure energy, if you chant it with faith, you will be able to transcend the cycle of birth and death easily. 

1 sacred seed syllable
2 the cycle of birth and death

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