Spirituality is the practicality of life

16 Dec 2019, Amritapuri Ashram – from Amma’s Satsang

The worm also eats, sleeps and procreates so what is the difference between us and the worm, as we are doing the same? When our hand accidentally pokes our eye we instinctively pardon our hand and caress our eyes. Similarly, we should be able to show compassion towards others also. Others sorrow becomes our sorrow, others joy becomes our joy because we see ourself in them through compassion. This is the essence of spirituality. If we touch fire we will get burned, if we touch a live wire we get an electric shock, but once we have the knowledge of these things we become careful because awareness is developed that prevents us from acting in harmful ways. In the same way, once you understand the nature of the world and its relationships you will be able to deal with them in the right way. In each and every situation you will be able to make the correct decision. If there is a festival you are going to where you know in advance that fireworks and firecrackers will be set off you will not get startled when you hear the loud blasts and crackles. If you go to such a place from a country where bomb blasts are common and you are not informed in advance of the nature of the event you will be shocked and scared. So with the spiritual understanding, you will be able to lead a better life and be prepared for it.

The various religions are like pointers. Amma has never asked anyone to change their religion but rather demonstrated how she loves others and asks us to love everyone as she does. When you understand spirituality it is like looking into a mirror. When looking into one you can see if there is some soot or blemishes on your face and then remove them. With spirituality, you will understand what is lacking in you or what is wrong in you and make an effort to correct yourself. Amma is asking us to realise who we truly are, not change one’s religion. The scriptures are like a map which if you have learned well you can then drive with ease. You may learn yoga and meditation but Vedanta is the base. If a normal person is like a streetlight, a Tapasvi1 is like a transformer who generates power for an entire village. Small streams of water are collected into a dam, then with their combined force electricity is generated. If sunlight is focused through a lens it has the power to burn things. Likewise, our mind is being scattered and distracted in all directions but if we manage to focus it, immense power will result that we can then use for the welfare of the world. That is the essence of spirituality.

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