The Galupa homeland project launched Amma Australia

26 Sep 2019 – AmritaVarsham 66

The Galupa Homeland Project will assist young, vulnerable Indigenous women living in the Northern Territory of Australia. In collaboration with the nonprofit organisation “Traditional Cultural Practices” — the Project will connect young Indigenous women with local Yolngu elders. These elders will teach the young women traditional arts and inspire them to maintain their connection with their land and culture. Moreover, Amrita Australia has just purchased an a comfortable accommodation unit for these Indigenous women to work and reside in. Dr. Nava Subrahmaniam and Mr. James Conquest — board members of Amrita Australia — to officially inaugurate this Project by presenting Amma with a native Australian sapling, which will be planted at the Ashram’s Rudraksha farm.

The project aims to maintain cultural connection and empower young women and children of indigenous tribes in northern Australia. The Project centres around working with Yolngu Elders to establish an ongoing Community Art Program designed to keep the Young Women living at Galupa safe with purpose and connected to their Culture and Land.

To further support the health and well being of the Women and children at Galupa, The Elders requested an insulated weather-proof demountable as shelter from the harsh summer heat and extreme weather. Currently the only accommodation at the Galupa Homeland is an open shed.

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