We have to turn inward for inspiration

24-25 February, Bengaluru, Karnataka – Bharata Yatra 2018

Despite the fact that Amma reached Bengaluru in the early hours of the morning, a group of devotees were patiently waiting there with tears in their eyes to greet her.

On the day of the program, Amma was welcomed to the stage with Vedic chants performed by the students of Amrita Vidyalayam.

Amma guided a Manasapuja and meditation in Kannada, and also sang many Kannada bhajans.

Speaking on the occasion, Amma noted that drawing inspiration from nature teaches us to “live in harmony,” while the modern world teaches us to, “live only for ourselves.” “Our mind is a great servant, but a poor master,” she went on to say, “and with growing attachment towards external pleasures, our mind weakens. We have to live minimally and turn inward for inspiration.” Amma also highlighted the benefits of meditation, such as its ability to aid in the attainment of mental peace.

Former Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa, met Amma and sought her blessings.

AYUDH members offered organic vegetables to Amma, which they had grown themselves.

Amma gave away saris and working capital to the Amrita Sree Self-Help Group members.

Amrita Vidyalayam and Amrita University students presented different cultural programs and bhajans on both days of the program.

Seventy-two Japanese University students from IVUSA came for two weeks to assist in Jivamritam drinking water project of MAM.  They came to meet Amma, danced for her, with full of joy and energy. They had darshan and a photo session with Amma too. 

Darshan ended around 2:45AM, and Amma prepared to head out for the next stop in Hyderabad.