Let our lives become an offering that alleviates the pain of suffering people

July 4th-5th, Arlington, VA – America Yatra 2017 

As 4th of July fireworks were bursting over the Capitol, hearts were bursting with joy inside the Marriott Gateway Crystal City in Arlington, VA where Amma held two days of programs.

Amidst the celebrations, Amma urged the assembled crowd at her program to remember each and every member of the human family and to dedicate our lives to bringing relief to those who are suffering: “Let our lives become an offering that alleviates the pain of suffering people. Today, so many suffer from illness and poverty. There are more than 2 billion people living below the poverty line. Hundreds of millions of people are illiterate. We have a responsibility towards all of them. We need to provide them with food. We need to offer them the light of knowledge. This is our duty. In essence, we are all one – all children from the same mother. May we realize this, our hearts uniting in love. It is not an economic or technological revolution that needs to take place, but a revolution arising from the heart – an inner revolution that makes us see others as ourselves, loving and serving all. This is Amma’s desire.”

While Amma gave darshan, there were many cultural performances, including a play depicting the 10 incarnations of Vishnu. Divya Unni, a well-known dancer, also performed Bharatanatyam for Amma.

During the 30th year celebration, Amma blessed two saplings to be planted at the D.C. Ashram.

After Devi Bhava, on the way to Toronto, Amma stopped with the tour group at Niagara Falls. Seagulls soared above in the mist coming from the nearby Horseshoe Falls. Amma took several rice cakes, crumbled them in her hands, and playfully threw pieces in the air for the birds to catch. Amma then walked to a spot away from the crowd to personally feed them. One small sparrow joined the chaos of larger seagulls and Amma lovingly smiled in his direction.

As the setting sun reflecting off the mist from the falls, Siddharth, now 13, sang a song in praise of the river Ganga while Amma tapped out the rhythm on her chair.

Amma sang a bhajan and led everyone in meditation before heading across the border to Toronto for her next programs