Foundation of happiness is gratitude: Amma in Malaysia 2017

3 April 2017, Penang, Malaysia

Amma visited Malaysia for a one day program which included Satsang, Bhajans, Meditation and Darshan at the Spice Arena in Penang, Malaysia.

Upon her arrival, Amma was given a traditional Poorna Kumbham welcome. Amma was also honoured by the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang – Dr. P Ramasamy; Deputy Minister of Federal Territories, Malaysia – Dr. Loga Bala Mohan; a Swami from the Adi Shankara Math in Penang; Rv. Sebastin Francis, Bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Penang; and a Buddhist monk.

Addressing the gathering Amma said: “Most people only think of their own happiness and what they can receive from others. Everyone wants to live ‘tension-free’, but the majority of people are simply taking on ‘free tension’. The circumstances of life will always keep changing. As long as we are unable to bring our mind under our control, sorrow will continue to hunt us down. However, once the mind comes under our control, then no problem or tragedy can devastate or paralyze us. In reality, the foundation of happiness is gratitude,” she reminded.

Free education scholarships for 25 poor students were given away during Amma’s program. Tree saplings were also distributed to children as part of the GreenFriends initiative by MA Center Malaysia.

After the Malaysian program, Amma left for Singapore, continuing her 20 day Yatra, journey of visiting six cities in 3 countries.