Love is the center point of life with no regulations

Love is a maha-mantra

“My dear children, without a center we cannot draw a perfect circle. In the same way, without the center-point of love, our lives can never be complete. The roots of a tree are what hold it firmly to the Earth. Similarly, it is the powerful roots of love running deep within the mind that keep people’s individual and social lives firm in all circumstances, without swaying or being uprooted. Children, love is a maha-mantra. It is a mantra that gives one the strength to face any kind of challenge. But it is not a mantra to be chanted with the lips. It has to be expressed through our words and actions. It is a divine mantra that helps one to accept others as they are and gives them relief from their sorrows. If it becomes a part of life, distance disappears and the feeling of closeness prevails. All sorrows disappear.


“As love grows within, compassion, patience, prosperity and beauty grow along with it. But today this mantra is only chanted with the lips and used as a tool to exploit others. When the depth and dedication of our love decrease, our love is degraded to mere bodily attraction and lust. Without two there can be no creation. Love is the power that changes this notion of duality to the experience of oneness.

Without two there can be no creation. Love is the power that changes this notion of duality to the experience of oneness.

Love has a rhythm, but one


“Real love can be spontaneously gained only from spiritual understanding. That can be likened to the blossoming of a flower. In response to sunlight the flower blooms spontaneously. Similarly, by gaining spiritual knowledge the heart opens naturally. We develop the right perspective towards others.

“Each person’s breath has a natural rhythm. Just as finger prints vary from person to person, the breathing rhythm varies from person to person. But the action of inhalation is the same in everyone. The nature of love is always the same. The way it is manifested might differ from person to person, but love is one.

If can’t love, don’t get angry at least

“If we can’t love everyone, at least we shouldn’t get angry at others. We should at least strive for this. A lover never tells his beloved, “I shall love you tomorrow at 12 pm.” In pure love there are no regulations. When the brother goes running, we might feel, ‘He shouldn’t slip and fall.’ If he falls we lift him with compassion, isn’t so?. Spiritual understanding will give us a similar attitude towards others. Though we see the sun’s reflection in 100 pots of water there is still just one sun. Right spiritual understanding will help us see everyone as Atman.”

-from Amma’s Satsang