Amma in Kobe & Tokyo – Japan

22 – 26 May 2009 – Kobe and Tokyo, Japan

Amma visited Kobe and Tokyo, showering her infinite love on her eagerly waiting devotees. In Kobe, special guests for the opening ceremonies included Mr. Sangam Lal Tripathi, Acting Consul General of Osaka Indian Consul-General, and Mr. Kinya Sakai, Director of Sun TV Japan, who garlanded Amma and participated in the ceremonies for the release of the book, “Eternal Wisdom 3” in Japanese. Notable performances included the heart-warming songs of the choir from the Filipino Senate and devotees from Korea singing devotional songs in traditional Korean dresses. Japanese devotees sang bhajans with traditional Japanese musical instruments.

In Tokyo, special guests included Mr. Ryouhei Kamiwatari, a famous Japanese writer; Mr. Shiatsu Akizawa, former CEO of AM/PM Japan; Prof. Tsuyoshi Nara, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Foreign Language University; Dr. T. Pankajakshan, Counsellor Science & Technology, Embassy of India, Japan; Mr. A P S Mani, Chairman, Indian Community Activities in Tokyo; and Mr. Suresh Lal, President, Nihon Kairali, the Kerala community of Japan.

Many different groups performed for Amma including traditional South Indian dancers, and Japanese bhajan singers. With Amma giving Devi Bhava Darshan right before them, Japanese devotees poured out their hearts, singing bhajans that touched the soul and drew beaming glances of love from Amma.

A special performance was given by Ainu tribal people from Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. The Ainu are native people who have lived in harmony with nature, seeing God in the river, mountain, ocean, and every aspect of nature. A memorable Ainu dance and song of peace was performed by a Shaman and her two sons. After meeting Amma, the Shaman described how the Ainu took up arms in the past to protect themselves and their families, but now, they repent and vow to never bear weapons and fight again. They vow to follow only God, and not others who would lead them astray to warfare.

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