Serving in Sindhupal Chowk, Nepal Earthquake

We received a plea from some villages in Melamchi in Sindhupal Chowk asking for help as very little help was reaching them. By this time tarpaulins were simply not available in Nepal so it was being sourced through India from where it could take anything between a week or ten days for it to get to us. And then the extra time required for carting it to the villages. So rather than wait for so long to meet a need which was so urgent, we decided to provide tin sheets which would serve both as a temporary shelter and could be used for roofing when they were able to build a house.

We were able to provide the best quality tin sheets and sacks of rice, cooking oil, good quality wind cheaters and blankets to villagers in these areas.

The areas which benefitted:
1. Thakure
2. Bangaon
3. Bimire
4. Pandit Tol
5. Acharya Tol
6. Baguwa
7. Shikharpur
8. Nawalpur

Melamchi Nagar Palika Ward no.6 – Sacks of Rice; Cooking Oil; Windcheater(as they were having unseasonal rains to protect them both from the cold as well as rain); Blanket & Tin Sheets for roofing for Acharya Tol


– Dass