Prayer is not a means to fulfill, it is a heart-rending cry of longing

2 May 2015, Perumbavoor, Ernakulam

Amma inaugurated the Sri Narayana Darshanotsavam 2015 organised by SNDP union of Kunnathunadu.

Amma was ceremoniously received at the venue. Amma visited the temple dedicated to Sri Narayana Guru, did arati there.

Amma shared the stage with Vellappily Natesan, SNDP Yogam Gen Secratary; Rameh Chennithala, Home Minister Kerala; KK Karnan, SNDP Union President; and P Balan Menon.

Amma lit the lap and inaugurated the function. Speaking on the occasion Amma said:  “Gurudevan is a mahatma who saved an entire society that was starting to drift off course. In fact, Gurudevan verily led another Kurukshetra War. However, he did not fight with weapons, but with abidance in dharma and awareness of sadachara [correct conduct]. Thus established, he protested against superstition and social malpractice without mercy. His character was a blend of spiritual strength, fearless action and spiritual wisdom.”

“Gurudevan’s Daivadasakam contains the secrets of the paths of bhakti (devotion), jnana (knowledge) and karma (action). Prayer is not a means to fulfill an individual’s selfish desires. It is a heart-rending cry of longing to the cosmic power to “bestow peace, joy, prosperity and abundance to all beings.” Only through such prayer can the individual, community and all living beings be equally benefitted. Prayer is a spiritual practice for loving and serving all without anger or hatred, seeing everything as diverse expressions of the one divine power.”

After the address, Amma lead all in meditation and a prayer for world peace.