Around Amma 2017 Birthday Messages of Amma

We should leave Mother Earth with flowers bedecked in her hair

9 Oct 2017, Amritapuri – Amritavarsham64  (Excerpts from Amma’s Birthday message ) “India is one of the fastest-developing countries. We need development, but it has to be sustainable and based on culture and respect towards nature. No progress that alienates culture or nature will ever be successful. If we cut the string of a flying […]

Around Amma 2014 Messages of Amma Xmas

Rebirth happens when we completely die to our ego

From Amma’s Christmas Message God is said to be the embodiment of infinite divine qualities. He is beyond word and thought. It is through the lives of mahatmas that one directly experiences the divinity of God. The specialty of mahatmas is that they practice what they preach. In this regard, Jesus Christ was no different. […]

Around Amma 2014 Satsang

All of you are my angels : Amma

15 December 2014 – Amritapuri Ashram The following dialogue took place between Amma and a visitor in Amritapuri during a seashore meditation and question-and-answer session. Question: Amma, I have heard and read many things about angels. Can you tell me about them? Amma: For Amma, all of you are my angels. There is an angel […]

Around Amma Teachings

Onam: A Symbol of Happiness & Contentment

12 September 2008 — Amritapuri With the coming of Tiru Onam, thousands of people came to Amritapuri in order to celebrate. The bhajan hall was filled with smiling people dressed in new clothes. The feeling of celebration was in the air. Amma came to the dais to the sounds of panchavadyam around 11:00 am. After […]

Messages of Amma Xmas

Mahatmas never die

25 December 2006 — Amritapuri Christmas celebrations in Amritapuri Christmas is always a special time in Amritapuri. Not only does it mark the anniversary of the birth of a Jesus Christ, but also—with so many people around the world having time off from work—the Ashram is overflowing with devotees from Europe, America, Russia, Japan and […]


Onam at their home

31 August, 2001, Amritapuri Onam at Amritapuri was a day of many surprises. In the morning, Amma announced that She would hold the morning darshan program in the new hall where only bhajans and Devi Bhava darshan are usually held. Talking to the devotees present, Amma said, “You have been able to see the ashram […]