Brazil program of Swami Ramakrishnanda

11-15 September, Brazil

After his programs in Peru and Chile, Swami Ramakrishnananda travelled to Brazil to wrap up his South American tour. The first two days of programs were held in Sao Paolo where more than 400 people gathered to take part in Swami’s programs.
From there Swami traveled up the coast to the village of Araruama and had an evening program at the Templo Amrita. Swami recounted several intimate experiences from his early years in the ashram by Amma’s side.

Swami ended his tour in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. The first evening there Swami held a program in the heart of the city at Casarão Ameno Resedá. The next day Swami was invited by Professor Walter Suemitsu to give a talk at the prestigious Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro.


On the occasion, Swami discussed the relationship between science and spirituality and then held a lively question and answer session with the students and faculty.

– Das