Time lag between action and result leads to mistakes

25 – 26 Jun, Coralville Iowa – USA Yatra 2011

Amma arrived in Coralville, located in the heart of the mid-west state of Iowa to commence 2 days of public programs at the Marriott Convention Center where thousands gathered from across the country to receive Her blessing and guidance.

Those who came for Amma’s darshan were comforted and moved to tears. One devotee said: It’s quite remarkable to see what Her program has done, it was quite simple and joyous to be here. Another local devotee said: When you’re out there in the world working, and you’re looking around and seeing how things are so difficult for so many people, and how things are falling apart, and you search for right action and right behavior, the answer will come from Amma. If you come here you will get the answer.

Many children ask Amma, “Good actions give good results and evil actions give bad results. Although we realize this, why is it that we continue to commit mistakes?”
Amma: If we touch fire once, it burns us and it teaches us not to touch fire again. But even though we know that evil actions will give bad results, this lesson does not sink in and we continue to do wrong actions. The reason why it does not sink into our brain is because of the time lag between the action and its result. There is no time lag between touching fire and burning- so it is easy to connect the action to the result. But the course of karma is beyond the mind’s understanding. This is why the awareness of righteousness that the principle of karma teaches does not sink into our brains.

– Kannadi