Singing and dancing in Chennai

25 – 26 Jan, Chennai – Bharata yYatra 2011

Amma in Chennai

From 25 to 26 January 2011, Amma held Brahmastanam festival at Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Chennai.

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and a hub for the south indian music, arts and film industry. Therefore, several renowned musicians and film stars came to receive Amma’s darshan and perform for her.
Amongst those who performed for Amma were Kunyakumari, Lalgudi Krishnan and classical singer Unnikrishnan.

The devotees of Chennai are known for their creative ideas to decorate Amma’s program site. This year, fruits and vegetables were hung all along the ashram walls, giving a colorful and playful touch to the venue. It was as if the devotees were welcoming Annapurneshwari – the goddess of food – into their city.

However, during the two days of festivals Amma did not only give free food for her children’s physical nourishment, but also provided everyone with the subtle food of her wisdom, love and motherly care.

Amma ended the her visit, early in the morning on the 27th after giving darshan all night by singing Devi Devi Devi Manatumbi Ba to the delight of all the devotees present who danced with joy.  ‘O Devi, come revel in my mind; I will sing and dance to your glories.’

— Kannadi