Matruvani Loading Seva

Students of Amrita Institute of Computer Technology who live on the Ashram campus engage themselves in various sevas in the Ashram. One among them is to help out in the loading of over 200,000 copies of Matruvani, the Ashram monthly magazine. The magazines are sent to the postal service for dispatch to waiting devotees.

Loading the truck

The students have been volunteering their services for the past years and over 30 of them show up in the loading area.

Among the other Seva’s they help out is the Main Darshan Hall clean up, Dining Hall clean up and set up etc.

Students of AICT engaged in the Seva of loading the ashram lorry with the latest copies of Matruvani, in front of the Ashram temple.

Students posing with the Matruvani bundles in hand

The students are indeed blessed to be able to reside in the Divine presence of Amma, thus adding to their spiritual growth and able to attend the Computer Institute.