Greetings from Northeastern

5 July 2008 — Lombard, Illinois, USA
Amma was welcomed to the Chicago area by Dr. Sharon Hahs, the President of Northeastern Illinois University.

Dr. Hahs and Northeastern faculty and students presented Amma with a series of sacred objects, culminating with Dr. Hahs reverently placing a blue wool blanket around Amma’s shoulders—a Native American tradition reserved for guests of the highest honour. “I bring greetings and blessings from Northeastern Illinois University,” Dr. Hahs said.


Among the sacred objects presented to Amma were World Peace Candles lit from eternal flames, water drawn from a confluence of sacred rivers and lakes, a replica of a Peace Pole housed on the Northeastern’s campus, coals used in a Native American fire ceremony and letters written by children to world leaders.

Amma is giving satang, darshan and leading meditation and bhajans in Lombard on July 5th and 6th.

– Tulasi