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We can change

(15 Feb '08)

“If we have discrimination we can improve our actions. When we have the right attitude, we can change our actions and experiences for the better. “One of Amma’s spiritual sons who had dreamt of becoming a doctor, had studied hard for the examinations, but had missed getting into medical school by just one mark. So, […]

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Arjuna Chooses Grace

(15 Feb '07)

Before the Mahabharata battle began, Lord Krishna gave Arjuna and Duryodhana a choice. Krishna told them, ‘I can give My entire army to one of you but I will not come. Or, I can come without any weapons as your charioteer and My army will help your foe. Which do you choose, Me or My […]

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How to change the world

(9 Feb '03)

There was once an old man who was looking back on his life. He sat in a tea shop with his friends, telling them his story. ‘When I was a young man, I was arrogant and thought I knew it all. I felt I could do anything, and wanted to change everyone. I would pray […]

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Work as Worship

(1 Oct '01)

A man was travelling in a bus one day. He was amazed at the behaviour of the bus conductor. The conductor was very relaxed and smiled at everyone as he dealt with them. He always rang the bell at the right time, so that the bus would stop at the right places. And when the […]

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Greatest devotee of God

(9 Nov '00)

Sage Narada thought that he was a great devotee. “Once Lord Krishna said, ‘Narada, there is one farmer on earth who is a greater devotee than you.’ Narada doubted this and came down to earth to see the peasant in person. He found that the farmer would chant the Lord’s Name only three times a […]

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Entire life should be full of happiness

(1 Sep '00)

Today is Tiru Onam; it’s a day of celebration, enthusiasm and joy. It’s a day when even the most sorrowful tries to forget his sorrows. Right remembrance is the remembrance in forgetting. While operating on a patient, if the doctor is thinking about his wife and children, the operation will not be successful. Or if […]

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Fathers box

(17 Aug '00)

A father was approached by his grownup sons. “Father,” they said, “please divide your property amongst us. We will always look after you.” Heeding the words of his children, the father agreed and divided all his property amongst them. It was decided that he would live with his sons, staying with each for two months […]

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