Life is the greatest book

A fish cannot measure the depth of the ocean. We will not be able to measure the infinite God with a limited mind. So, what can we do in that presence? Even if a diamond is lying in cow dung we will not hesitate to pick it up. Though we all have divine consciousness within, at present we are completely identified with our body.

Once, some friends were walking down the street. The one walking in the front noticed some excreta on the sidewalk. Immediately, he held his nose and signalled to his friends saying, “Move aside, there is excreta on the sidewalk! Walk around! Walk around! It really stinks!”

Suddenly, they heard the excreta speaking to them, “Hey you! Come here!”

The guys could not believe that the excreta was talking to them.

The thought they would listen to what the excreta had to say, so they went near it.

It said, “Why are you looking down on me like that? Do you know who I was? I was sweet molasses, beautiful fruit and a piece of cake before. Then one day, I happened to enter the body of a person like you, and that’s how I ended up like this. You made me like this. You are the ones who need to purify what’s inside yourself.”

In order to look beautiful, we need to use a lot of cosmetics. For our bodies to emit fragrance, we need to spray perfume or deodorants. Otherwise, we will smell bad.

We have so much more to learn from those around us than from books. Scriptures are being taught in the ashrams and everyone is learning scriptures. But the essence of the scriptures is in its practical aspect. We learn the practical aspect of the scriptures when we deal with other people.

We need to develop the awareness that each situation we face in life is a test given by our Master. We are very eager to remember what we have learnt and apply it in our test. While dealing with others, were we able to maintain our composure? Otherwise, what is the difference between us and a tape recorder, or a book? We read a book and repeat what we have read. We hear a recording and repeat what we have heard. If we write the word honey on paper and lick it, we will not taste the sweetness of honey. We may tell everyone that we are honey, but we do not demonstrate any qualities of honey.