AYUDH Belgium planting trees

22nd of March 2009, Knesselare, Belgium

At Knesselare in Belgium, members of AYUDH Europe worked side by side with Amma’s older devotees to plant 240 willow trees on a parcel of land appointed to Friends of Amma.

AYUDH planting trees in Belgium

Some additional trees were also planted on a neighboring parcel of land.

After planting all the trees, the 20 volunteers stood together and chanted Om Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu, praying for the peace and happiness of all beings everywhere.

Reforestation at the French Ashram

29 Oct 2008, France
GreenFriends France taken up a reforestation project to make the French Ashram a place where devotees and visitors can get in touch with nature and develop a deep sense of unity with. The reforesting of the property is one of the steps which will help bring about this new perception. A small forest full of tree species coming from all over world is planned and will be a symbol of Amma’s universal message. In addition, there will be an apple orchard which also will provide shade for the visitors parking lot.

All this was accomplished this year by asking those devotees who came to see Amma in Toulon and Paris to adopt around 50 trees each. The adoptors of the trees have been invited to become more involved by planting their trees themselves this winter during two GreenFriends week-ends devoted for this activity.

AYUDH – UK is starting a garden project

London, 29 Oct 2008,
AYUDH group in UK while celebrating their 1st anniversary, started a garden project as part of GreenFriends in an effort to grow fruits in their own private gardens. This project is an effort to raise awareness that one need to produce one’s own food and a little extra for others too.
The AYUDH in UK carried a pear tree up to Amma for blessing, which would be planted as part of the garden project, and a pot of seeds, which would be used for the proposed tree-planting project.

Greenshore: Protecting Kerala’s coast by making it green

17 August 2005 — Alappad Panchayat, Kollam District, Kerala

As the sun set on the beach in Cheriya Azhikkal–a village in Alappad Panchayat, five kilometres from Amritapuri–villagers gathered to plant hundreds of small casuarina saplings (Australian pine). The saplings are being planted with the aim of curbing erosion caused by high tides and to protect the villager’s homes from future tsunamis.
“I’m hear to protect the future,” said one woman wearing a brightly coloured sari who was participating in the mass planting.

“I’m happy to be here because we’re doing something for our children,” said another.
Since June 5th 2005 (World Environment Day), this scene has been repeated over and over, again up and down the coast of Alappad Panchayat. Spearheaded by the Ashram, the project—Harita Theeram, or Green Shores–will see the planting of 300,000 casuarina saplings in total on the Alappad Panchayat peninsula by 2008. Fifty thousands have been planted in the past three months alone. The saplings are being supplied by the Kerala Department of Forestry.

– Tulasi

Vrischikam onnu, vriksham onnu

16 November 2005 — Kerala

Mass scale sapling planting by AYUDH

AYUDH, the youth wing of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, and GreenFriends, the Ashram’s environmental group, jointly organized a programme of planting 100,000 trees across the state of Kerala on November 16 to coincide with the first of the Malayalam month of Vrischikam. The programme is named as Vrischikam Onnu, Vriksham Onnu—literally meaning, “1st of Vrischikam, One Tree.” The programme is part of the nation-wide forestry programme undertaken by GreenFriends.