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Divine homecoming

(3 Dec '03)

3 December 2003,Amritapuri It was a morning abuzz with activity in Amritapuri. Actually, the entire week was busy, but this morning especially. Duties ranged from sweeping the sand to cleaning Amma’s house from top to bottom. The construction of a new water treatment system was finished just the night before and various last minute touches […]

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Amma visits Holland

(9 Nov '03)

9 November 2003,Holland For the third year in a row, our beloved Amma graced Holland with Her Presence. On the first day, the crowds started to get in line as early as 8 a.m., and by 9 a.m. the hall was already filled with people. It was the first sign that last year’s record of […]

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This is the same woman

(14 Oct '03)

11 – 12, October 2003,Helsinki,Finland Amma’s visit to Helsinki, Finland, was the talk of the whole country, as thousands gathered for Her darshan at the Cable Hall. It was Amma’s fifth visit to this beautiful Scandinavian country. On the morning of the first day’s programme, the Bishop of the Orthodox Church in Helsinki, Rev. Ambrosius, […]

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Amma in Finnish upper primary textbooks

(21 Sep '03)

21 september 2003, Amritapuri Amma is featured in a new textbook of World Religions for 6th- to 8th-grade students in Finland. At the end of the section on Hinduism, under the title Hinduism in Finland, there is a picture of Amma giving darshan. She is smiling in the picture. The caption for the picture reads, […]

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No one But You

(17 Sep '03)

17 september 2003,Amritapuri For many of Amma’s devotees around the world, the fact that Amma speaks Malayalam has not been a barrier, because our Mother speaks the Universal language of Love. Even so, when Amma started singing “Iswar Tumhi Daya Karo” in French during Her Reunion Island visit, the news spread like wildfire – and […]

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Our every need is taken care of

(10 Sep '03)

Have you wondered how the more than 100,000 devotees will find sanitary facilities during Amritavarsham50? Read on. Each night after bhajans, 150 or so devotees crowd around the stairway to Amma’s room to delight in Her feeding of Ram, the ashram elephant. Tonight Amma showed Her design skills as well, with strict attention to detail. […]

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Hold me like the river

(23 Aug '03)

23 August, 2003 Amritapuri The story begins in Rhode Island, when a handful of Amma’s Western children sang Michael Jackson’s “Hold Me”, the theme song to the movie, “Free Willie.” Already a touching song with spiritual implications, with just a few adjustments in the lyrics, the song was transformed into a heartfelt tribute to Amma. […]

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