Tie the rope of love for God around our waist

17 – 20 Jun, Albuquerque, USA Yatra-2011

After concluding her LA programs, Amma inaugurated a the MA Centre in Redondo Beach in the South Bay region of greater Los Angeles. After satsang and bhajans Amma distributed Prasad to the devotees who had gathered for the event.

Amma then travelled 15 hours across the desert to the state of New Mexico where she held a a 3 day retreat and a one day public program attended by thousands in the city of Albuquerque.

“Worldly life is like going mountain-climbing. When we climb up a mountain, we tie a rope at the top of the mountain and one end around our waist and we climb up holding onto the rope so that we do not slip and fall. In the same way, if we tie the rope of love for God around our waist, problems in the external world will not make us weak. Understanding this, we should hold on to the Paramatman, the Supreme, and move ahead” said Amma in her satsang.

Famous American physicist and Nobel Prize winner Murray Gell-Mann came to receive Amma’s darshan.

Amma in San Ramon

2 – 8 Jun 2011, San Ramon, CA – 2011 USA Yatra
A seven day program was held at the MA Center, Amma’s ashram. Apart from daily meditation, satsang and bhajans a three day retreat was also held.
During a question – answer session one devotee asked Amma “why does Amma gets more beautiful and younger, year after year, while we get old and ugly, as years pass by?”. Amma explained that the beauty you see in Amma, is actually the reflection of the love you have for Amma.

Harmony among cultures

28 May 2011, Slovenia

Br. Shubamrita was invited as a guest speaker at the university of Maribor, Slovenia.
His talk was held as part of a Cultural Festival and Symposium, entitled HARMONY AMONG CULTURES – Paths to Intercultural Dialogue. The Conference was organized by the University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts, the Center for Intercultural Cooperation with Coutries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, the UNESCO and the Embassy of India.

In his talk, Br. Shubamrita vividly described how eastern and western philosophies can compliment each other to create greater harmony and understanding amongst cultures. He outlined how Amma’s life and teachings stand as an example of true inter-religious dialogue and respect for all traditions and faiths.

Prof. Dragan Potocnik, main organizer of the event, remarked after the speech that Br. Shubamrita’s talk marked for him the highlight of the cultural festival and was hopefully the starting point for further collaborations in the field of education and culture.

Amma in Seattle

27 -30 May , Seattle, – USA Yatra 2011

Commencing her 25th tour of North America, Amma was welcomed to Seattle, also known as emerald city, by many of her American devotees.

At the Hyatt Regency Convention Center, representatives from the local Native American Indian community performed a number of songs for Amma, expressing the universal truth of all cultures and traditions.
Devotees from all over the North West of America came together to perform a dance celebrating Amma’s 25th year of the visit to the country.