Become the cake – Amma asks every one

24 Dec 2010, Amritapuri

Celebrating Christmas with Amma

On Christmas eve around 1500 international visitors from all over the world and many thousands more from all parts of India were on hand for the festivities. Before the actual program began, Amma had come out in the late afternoon for meditation at the seashore and from there to the evening bhajans.
After bhajans, the hall and stage were quickly transformed into a theater, ready to stage this year’s original Christmas musical, Mary, Mary, Mary & The Highest Commandment, performed by an ensemble cast of ashram residents and devotees from all over the world.

Through this play we peeped into the hearts of some of his closest devotees, three women–each named Mary: Mother Mary, Mary of Bethany and Mary of Magdala. As we watched their stories unfold before us, we got a special chance to experience how he stepped into their hearts, and guided each one along their own individual path and follow their lives as Jesus teaches them through his parables about the commandments of God and the path to eternal life.

Those involved in the production spent several weeks preparing, composing original music, choreographing several dance numbers, painting huge murals for backdrops for each scene, stitching costumes for the variety of characters (including various biblical characters, others dressed as birds, monkeys and even an elephant!), etc. and all their hard work showed as the performance was spectacular and went off without a hitch.

Amma had a front row center seat to watch the entire performance unfold. After the show finished, Amma gave her Christmas message, which Swamiji then translated into English.

After her message Amma led everyone in the hall in joyous renditions of bhajans ending songs with everyone raising their hands up in the air and Amma calling out “Maha Kali Ki” and “Mata Rani Ki” and the whole hall responding “Jai!!!”
The person who acted as Jesus in the play then presented Amma with the first tray of Christmas cake so it could be distributed to everyone. When the Christmas cake was brought to her, she blessed it and told us that WE should become the cake. The first pieces Amma offered to the devotees from several of Amma’s satsangs overseas who were present, watching the festivities via a web telecast.

– Tulasi

Know yourself is the message of spirituality

(Excerpts from Amma’s Christmas message, 24 Dec 2010, Amritapuri)

“Whenever celebrations and holy days take place, Amma gives a message. However, in reality, these messages are not different; they are all one. Their essence is one. Although religions are many, spirituality has only one message. It is just that this message is presented in different ways.

“If you want to put it in phrase, this message is “Know yourself.” This is the supreme message. This message is not only relevant on the spiritual path. Regardless of our chosen field of action, if we want to attain results, we should first know our own sakti—our own power. We should know both our strengths and our weaknesses. This is one level of “knowing one’s self.” However to understand one’s self merely at the level of the mind is not the peak of self knowledge. For this, we need to go deeper. Because in knowing ourselves at the level of the mind, we neither come to perceive all of our strengths and weaknesses, nor are we able to completely transcend them. On the other hand, the message given to us by the scriptures is: “You are neither weak nor incapable. You are the source of unlimited power.” This is the supreme reality. Understanding this truth is the goal of life. This is the one message that the rishis and gurus have been giving to humankind in various ways according to the time in which they lived.

Amrita – IIT partnership to empower teachers nation wide

20 Dec 2010
In a historic partnership, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay and Amrita University have come together to deliver a nationwide teacher empowerment program delivered online via India’s emerging high speed educational network. The goals of this program are to improve the quality of teachers in professional colleges to world class levels.

Over 1000 college teachers from around 500 professional institutions gathered at 32 nodal centers across the country to attended a 2-week online workshop on “Database Management Systems” from the 13th to the 22nd of December 2010. The session was led by Dr. Sudarshan, IIT Bombay Professor and the renowned author of the standard international textbook on Database Systems. These 32 remote centers used the A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) system developed by Amrita University, to connect and communicate.

These online workshops for improving the quality of teachers are the brainchild of Prof. D.B. Phatak, Subrao M. Nilekani Chair Professor, IIT Bombay, who said, “It is gratifying to see that my dream to empower thousands of college teachers in core engineering courses has been realized.” National Knowledge Commission in its findings has concluded that the low quality of higher education is one of the key factors affecting India’s economic growth.

Mr. S. Ramadorai, Tata Consultancy Services vice-chairman and software industry pioneer, while addressing the participants today said, “India’s future depends on the capabilities and expertise of its human capital. It is the academic community that can play a transformation role in building this future. This ‘first of its kind’ online national teacher empowerment program is a bold step towards building excellence amongst the teaching community. This unique operation should be scaled for much wider usage in coming years, spanning all dimensions of Indian education including schools.”

IIT Bombay Director Prof. Devang Khakhar in his address said that IIT Bombay is committed to make a difference to education and research in Indian academia through several outreach programs.

Amrita Kripa Sagar – Recognition comes knocking

01 December 2010

Within seven years, what started as a hospice for HIV positive and AIDS patients, came to be recognized as “the best community care centre in Kerala, for the year 2010.” The award, by Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) consists of a trophy and citation.

Amma says ‘Love can cure diseases, heal wounded hearts and transform human minds…” Amrita Kripa Sagar, born out of Amma’s infinite love, was started by MAM in September 2003, and administered with round the clock love and compassion by Amma’s team of dedicated disciples.

The holistic approach, apart from basic medical support, provides psychological support and spiritual services. Most importantly, they who might later be ostracized by society and turned to streets by their families are taught skills to earn their own livelihood. So, identity of the inmates is kept confidential at all times.

The services further extend even to the families of the hapless HIV victims, in terms of scholarships, provisions etc.

Bharata Yatra 2011 Kerala & Tamil Nadu

Amma’s programs in India are starting on 2011 Jan 3.

2011 Bharata Yatra – 1st leg

Kozhikode Brahmasthanam, Kerala
Jan 3 Mon, 4 Tue
Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Amritamayi Nagar, Vellimadukunnu, Kozhikode – 673 012.
Contact no – 0495 2371682

Kodungallur Brahmasthanam, Kerala
Jan 6 Thu, 7 Fri
Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Lokamalleswaram, Kodungalloor 680 664, Kerala
Contact no -0480 2804262

—— 00 ——


Jan 12 wed

—— 00 ——

2011 Bharata Yatra – 2nd leg

Tiruvananthapuram Brahmasthanam, Kerala
Jan 15 Sat, 16 Sun
Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Amrita Nagar, Kaimanam, Thiruvananthapuram 695018
Contact no -0471 2490140

Tuticorin , Tamil Nadu
Jan 18 Tue – Public program,
Kamarajar College Grounds, Tiruchendur Road Toothukkudi
Contact no -09486713988, 09442913766

Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu
Jan 20 Thu – Public program,
Raja Higher Sec. School Grounds, Madurai Road, Ramanathapuram
Contact no -09842420555, 09894620334

Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Jan 22 Sat – Public program,
Madurai College Grounds, Near Periyar Bus stand, Madurai.
Contact no -0452 2370800, 2370811

Chennai Brahmasthanam, Tamil Nadu
Jan 25 Tue & 26 Wed
Mata Amritanandamayi Math,
132, Arcot Road, Virugambakkam, Chennai –92
Contact no -0442 3764063

Tanjavoor, Tamil Nadu
Jan 28 Fri – Public program
Medical College ground, Medical College Road, Thanjavur
Contact no -09444152360, 09443710401

Kovai Brahmasthanam, Tamil Nadu
Jan 30 Sun (eve), 31 Mon
Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Nallampalayam, Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore.
Contact no -0422-2535258 and +919791785121

Feb 5 -12

These are tentative dates.

A leader who is also a personal friend to all of us

Nov 27 – Dec 1, Dearborn, Michigan, USA Yatra 2010
After San Ramon, Amma travelled to Dearborn, Michigan for the final programs of the 2010 of the tour.

Congressman Elect and current Michigan State Senator Hansen Clarke welcomed Amma. Senator Clarke said, “Amma is an extraordinary leader…in the political sense, in the global sense, in terms of worldwide influence. But what makes her so extraordinary, is that she is a leader who is also a personal friend to all of us individually. Let us pray that those of us, who were hired by you to serve, focus on love and peace…because that’s how we can have an extraordinary world to live in. And to me, that is what Amma is all about. ”

Speaking on the occasion Amma said, “All around the world the one thing that troubles each and every person is fear. We are afraid to do something and to not do it as well. Whether asleep, awake or in deep sleep, it exists within us in as a seed and hunts us down. Will the problem continue, will it get worse, will I be able to transcend it… these fears make us anxious… Amma always says, like everything else, happiness is also a decision. Whatever happens, I will be happy… Whatever happens, I will be brave… I am never alone; God is always with me… We should try to develop that self-confidence and move forward…”

Amma in San Ramon

Nov 21 – 25, San Ramon, USA Yatra 2010
After completing her European tour, Amma visited the United States for her annual fall visit to San Ramon, California and Dearborn, Michigan. The tour began with 5 days of programs held at the MA Center, the San Ramon ashram.

During one of her talks there, Amma said “Today we are searching for external security. It is not possible to get complete peace with just external security. There are two kinds of security- external security and internal security.”

A three day retreat was held during Amma’s visit to San Ramon, which gave the devotees a chance to spend more focused time with Amma. All had the opportunity to ask spiritual questions to Amma and all were served a prasad dinner from her own two hands.

The legendary tabla player, Ustad Dildar Hussain, who accompanied the late world renowned Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan for more than 30 years, for came and performed for Amma.

Russia looking forward to the warmth of Amma s Love

On Nov. 26th, 2011, Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya held a public programme in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg in Russia.

Despite severe weather conditions and temperature of -10 degree Celsius, more than 150 people came to the event, which took place in a centrally located conference hall at the Lityeynyy prospekt.

Br. Shubamrita gave a talk on the “Way to Inner Peace” based on Amma’s teachings, followed by devotional singing and a short meditation.

For many participants this was their first encounter with Amma’s message and teachings. However they were in rapt attention for the talk and meditation and joyfully participated in the bhajans
Some of them came to Shubamrita as a group as he was distributing prasad and said, “Amma hasn’t physically visited us for nearly 20 years. Please convey our heartfelt prayer to Her that Her Russian children are waiting eagerly for the next visit, to be warmed by Her love again.”

Beautiful moments from Europe Yatra of Amma

Beautiful moments from Amma’s 2010 Europe Yatra

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s 2010 Europe visit to 8 countries, darshan programs, beautiful moments.

Swiss, Germany, Ireland, France, Holland, London, Italy, and Spain