Fourth Sunday, Clean Sunday

As part of the Amala Bharatam Campaign (ABC), the Mata Amritanandamayi Math has decided to observe the fourth Sunday of every month as Cleaning Day with a view to making India litter-free. It is hoped that on this day, everyone will set aside at least one hour to cleaning their surroundings.

As a start, on November 28th, the fourth Sunday of the month, one lakh families in Kerala will spend an hour cleaning the area around their houses and the nearby public areas.

In addition, public places will be cleaned with the help of the general public and the co-operation of the local administration. District-level taluk organizations will lead the cleaning efforts, and arrange for the plastic waste collected during the cleaning to be sent to recycling centres. On the fourth Sundays in the coming months, ABC volunteers will rope in their neighbours to form family-based units for waste disposal activities. As part of ABC, they will be given training in vegetable farming using compost made from waste collected from houses.

It is hoped that everyone in Kerala will participate in the ‘Fourth Sunday, Clean Sunday’ scheme, regardless of caste, creed or political affiliation. The service and co-operation of the business and industrial communities are especially crucial in this cleanliness drive. It is hoped that proprietors and employees of their companies will spend at least a few hours on the fourth Sunday of every month in clearing the waste from the area around their companies’ premises.

Amma in London

15th – 17th November, London, UK – Europe Yatra 2010

Amma travelled to London passing under the English Channel by using the Channel Tunnel, a 50.5-kilometre undersea rail line linking continental Europe with the United Kingdom.

The final two days of the European tour were held in the historic Alexandra Palace, on a hill looking out over the entire city of London

Award winning actress Gillian Anderson, who achieved international recognition for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on the American television series, The X-Files, came to receive Amma’s darshan.

Throughout the program several renowned musician’s such as Tallulah Rendall came to receive Amma’s blessings and to express their gratitude and love for Amma’s visit in London.

From London Amma left for the USA, where the next programs will be held in San Ramon and Michigan.

Amma in Mannheim

12th – 14th November, Mannheim, Germany — Europe Yatra 2010

Before the Mannheim programs, Amma spent some time at Hof Herenberg, the German ashram, located in the beautiful countryside about an hour from the city of Mannheim. Amma distributed prasad and sang bhajans with local devotees and the ashram residents.

During the Mannheim programs, the devotees from Berlin, the capital of Germany, came to invite Amma to their city. They approached Amma in a procession led by a large ‘bear’ which is the symbol of the city of Berlin. They then presented with a large scroll listing the 108 reasons why Amma should come to Berlin.

Everyone present was treated to beautiful cultural performances and music performed by the devotees, expressing their joy and gratitude to Amma.

Diwali with Amma in Barcelona

7 – 9 November, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2010

Amma was warmly welcomed by the local devotees at the Spanish MA Center . The Center is located in the outskirts Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, very close to the holy mountains of Montserrat, which is a famous pilgrimage site for the Virgin Mary. Amma spent a day there with all the local devotees and celebrated Diwali with everyone in the evening.

During the three days of darshan in Granollers, huge crowds filled the hall that was initially constructed for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Each day you could see long lines of people from early in the morning waiting to receive Amma’s blessings.

Josep Mayoral, the mayor of Granollers, Barcelona, came to welcome Amma on behalf of the city. He was accompanied by Roger Pallarols, Councilor for Commerce and Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Jose Maria Sala, Secretary of the Social Democratic Party.

Throughout the three days of program several renowned musicians, such as violinist Alex Loscertales and pianist Sira Hernandez, came to perform for Amma.

Akshara Puja by Lovers of Sanskrit

15 Oct 2010, Amritapuri

In connection with the Navaratri celebrations, a Bharati Puja program was arranged for Sanskrit students and Sanskrit lovers, in the ashram.


The map of India was drawn with rice powder, denoting 51 shakti peethas, each represented by a lamp and an alphabet. With the offering of flame and flowers, Devi was worshipped. About 400 people participated. Mrs. Vandana Nandakumar, a full time honourary worker of Vishva Sanskrita Pratishthan, spoke on the importance of Sanskrit language.

First IAM course in Slovenia

After Br. Shubhamrita’s first visit in Slovenia in June this year the organizers felt inspired to have also an I AM course.

Dayalu an Ashram resident from Amritapuri conducted the course, which was held on the 23 – 24 October at a Yoga-center near Ljubljana. The course went very smooth and left the participants very happy and relaxed.

Many people showed interest for the upcoming courses, which are planned for the next year.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery at Amrita Hospital from January

Kochi, 10 Nov 2010

Minimally invasive method, the most modern technique in cardiac surgery will become fully operational at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences by January next Year.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery has a lot of advantages over conventional heart surgeries. While conventional surgery demands a twenty centi meter long incision cutting the sternum, minimally invasive method needs only seven centi meter incision, and that too on the side of the chest, in between the ribs. Patients post surgery convalescence needs only four-five weeks against the conventional rest period of almost four months.

Minimally invasive method can be used for all types of cardiac surgery.

Amma in Toulon

2- 4 November, Toulon, France – Europe Yatra 2010

The devotees from the south of France gave Amma a hearty welcome as Amma reached there from Munich, Germany.

Throughout the three days of program several different cultural performances were presented, from classical Indian dances to a big performance from the children of the south of France.

Amma in Munich

28th – 30th October, Munich, Germany — Europe Yatra 2010

For more than 20 years, Amma has been visiting Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, and the third largest city in Germany. Its native name, München, is derived from the Old High German ‘Munichen,’ meaning ‘By the monks’ place.’

Long before the program started, devotees from all over Germany gathered outside the hall, eagerly awaiting Amma’s arrival. Their reception of Amma was heartfelt and enthusiastic.

The devotees presented traditional music performances throughout the three days of programs.