Rich hearted children

26 Jun, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2010 USA yatra

Fifteen of Amma’s children in New Mexico ranging from ages 5 through 15 have been selling handmade art during the 5 day Albuquerque program. They have been making beautiful cards of many colors with their own drawings and cut out Amma photos from various free publications. They raised a total of $254.50 for Amma’s orphanages. Towards the end of the Devi Bhava Darshan they presented the money to Amma. Amma was very pleased and poured her compassionate looks over them.

Rich hearted children

– Tulasi

Amma in New Mexico

June 20-24, Albuquerque, New Mexico – USA Yatra 2010

After program in Los Angeles, driving 14 hours crossing the barren landscape of the Mojave Desert reached Albuquerque, the largest city in the state of New Mexico.

In Albuquerque two public programs and a three day retreat were held. The city is famous for its Native American and Hispanic culture. During Amma’s Program a lot of people from traditional backgrounds came to receive Amma’s blessings and to show their deep gratitude to Amma.

New Mexico State Representative Mimi Stewart, welcomed Amma on behalf of the city of Albuquerque. Since 1994, Stewart has been a key leader in the reform of public education, human rights and women’s issues. Senior New Mexico Government official Kelly O’Donnell also came for Amma’s darshan.
During Amma’s Darshan Hispanic devotees spontaneously expressed their love and affection for Amma in a song.

We enjoy our planet earth

From May 22-24 about 40 children, age 5-13, with their parents, from Germany and Switzerland came together at the M.A. Center, Germany, to spend a children-retreat together.

The motto of the weekend was “Nature- we enjoy our planet earth!” With a playful and humorous approach it was made possible for the kids to dive into the themes about nature and also about human values. During the afternoon the children gathered in smaller groups to deepen the knowledge about human values.

The children had the opportunity to choose different workshops concerning “experiencing nature”. Under beautiful spring weather they build little hotels for wild bees, constructed nature-art-pieces and planted vegetables and flowers. In the water-laboratory they experimented with water, others learned a lot about taking care of horses. The older kids had the opportunity to learn meditation. The youngest met on the green to do yoga and play a lot of games.

The singing of bhajans in the evening was fully managed by the children.
It was an impressing experience for many adults to see and hear the children sing, drum and perform with such joy and devotion. The program also had theatre performances and a puppet show based on the native American wisdom, which enthralled the children. The day ended with an introduction into the life of bats and an observation of their flights in the night.

On Monday morning an ecological tour was organized in the woods and a the children collected things from the woods. And they decide to create a giant Mala (rosary). Every kid and every adult could create a bead with wood which was then put on a string. The beads were of different shapes and sizes, with beautiful decorations on them and even prayers. Forming a circle, the kids held the giant Mala with the prayer ” Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”, which was led by Br. Shubamrita. As each mantra was chanted, one bead after the other was moved. It was indeed a very moving experience.

It was a true gift for the children, which will surely stay in their hearts for a long time.

– Nirmala

There is hope from LA

14 -18 Jun, Los Angeles — USA Yatra 2010
After ten days of program at the San Ramon Ashram, Amma travelled 8 hours across California to the largest city of the West Coast of America. Los Angeles is a world center of business, international trade and most famous as one of the “Entertainment Capitals of the World”.

Amma’s five days of program were conducted at the LAX Hilton. Justice Ch. Nawab Singh from the Punjab and Haryana High Court came to receive Amma’s darshan, including a host of famous Hollywood celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Rosario Dawson. Michelle Rodriguez, famous for her performance in the recent Science- Fiction 3-D movie “Avatar”, said after her darshan in an interview; “People are here because they want to feel love, and just the fact that they are here because they want to feel love, makes me feel that there is hope.”
The devotees from L.A. performed a traditional African dance for Amma and at the end of a long darshan everybody joined in.

Feeling the pain of my heart

18 June, San Ramon, California — 2010 US Yatra
During the San Ramon Ashram retreat in the question answer session, one lady asked Amma,

“Amma, You have millions of devotees all over the world. Then will you be able to feel the pain of my heart?”

Amma gave a beautiful answer.
She said, “We have millions of hairs. But if somebody pulls on just one hair, would you not feel the pain? In the same manner, because of that connection of love, Amma can feel my children’s’ sorrows and pain within.”

— Sakshi

Country name with love waiting for Love


Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya visited Slovenia for the first time on the 8th and 9th of June, 2010. A beautiful picturesque country that has borders with Hungary, Italy, Croatia and Austria, was a part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and achieved Independence in the year 1991. The programmes were held in Ljubljana at the auditorium of the Biotechnical Institute. The Slovenians welcomed Amma’s message with open arms. Br. Shubamrita gave a talk on “Turning Scars into Stars” based on Amma’s teachings of how to face problems in life. The audience wholeheartedly participated in the bhajan singing and the meditation.

Before the programme, Br. Shubamrita was interviewed by the Slovenian National TV. On the day after the programme, he gave a long interview for the AURA, one of the famous magazines of the country. One lady said “We are a country with LOVE in our name (s-LOVE-nia). This country is known for its love, hospitality and openness. We are now waiting for a hug from the MOTHER OF LOVE.”

There is an Amma website and  two books are also available in the Slovenian language.

It was a very good start in the amazing Slavic country, so filled with natural beauty and beautiful hearts.

– Nath

Amma s Japan Yatra 2010

Amma will be visiting Japan from July 25th to July 30th.

Tokyo, Japan
Date:  Sun, July 25 – Tue, Jul 27
Program Timings:
July 25th: 11am – 5pm
Jul 26th: 10 am & 7:30 pm
Jul 27th: 10 am & 7:30pm

Kobe, Japan
Date:  Thu, Jul 29 – Fri, Jul 30
Program Timings:
July 29th: 10 am & 7:30 pm
Jul 30th: 10 am & 7:30pm
More Information: Visit

Welcoming to San Ramon

9 Jun, San Ramon, CA, — US Yatra 2010
Amma flew from Seattle to her Ashram in San Ramon, California, where she will giving programs from the 3rd to 13th of June.

Upon her arrival, the devotees of the San Ramon ashram brought two new residents to welcome Amma – two baby calves – born three and five weeks ago respectively.

Devotees from the whole bay area came to receive Amma’s darshan throughout the first three days of the ten day program.

The children of the Bala Kendra from the bay area, performed for Amma and presented a cheque worth $635, collected from spare change, lying around in their parents houses, which they wanted to donate to the Haiti earthquake victims.

Amma in Seattle

Amma has arrived in the United States for her 24th annual North American Tour, which will begin in the west cost city of Seattle.

On behalf of Emerald City, Amma was welcomed by Debadutta Dash, Founder & Co- Chair Washington State & India Trade Relations Action Committee, and Anil Singh- Molares, Co- Founder & Board Chair for the Compassionate Network.

Singh- Molares said in his welcome speech: “Amma actually shows us how it should be done; by demonstrating compassionate action everyday, in ways that are deeply humbling. She reminds us, that even the seemingly smallest of gestures can have extraordinary impact.”

Quoting Amma he continued: “Compassion is not something one person has for another, but rather something that arises when one begins to see all others as oneself”